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© 2019 by Fedi Gioia Photography ~ www.foodphotocreations.com ~

I love food and I love sharing my passion with other passionate & creative minds...that is why I regularly host and co-host workshops!

why would you learn from me?

I have been assisting food photographers since 2014 and I have more than 6 years of experience in working in the creative industry; I have started from scratch and I know what does it mean to start from zero and it is not all about dreaming, our passions can really become our career.  

Here is one of my very first food image and next to it a more recent image. 



Learning by practicing is possible and it was the way for me. I had some ideas in my head and I wanted to reproduce them; sometimes I got inspired by the work of others photographers I admire and this helped me a lot; some other time I attended some workshops and there I learned the most! Sharing with people is the best and that is why I still believe and enjoy workshops!